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The Warehouse Church in Afton, Virginia is a community of believers in Jesus Christ that would love to welcome other believers and introduce Jesus to those that are searching for God, direction, peace, hope, comfort, and fellowship in these troubled times. Jesus can truly do all these things for you! He will meet you right where you are at in your life no matter the circumstances. Jesus came to earth and died to give us an abundant life in Him. This will lead to a fulfilled life. We believe that fulfillment comes from knowing God and His purpose and plans for your life! 

When We Meet


10:00 am

What To Expect

We will meet you at the door with a smile on our faces! Every Sunday at 9:30 am, we have a special time of prayer asking for God’s blessings on the service. You will hear and see some of the ministries and events that are happening at the church. Sometimes there will be opportunities to hear missionaries from different countries around the world. For now, we use contemporary Christian music videos for our time of praise and worship. We observe the Lord’s supper as a church body every two weeks and the communion elements are available the other two weeks. The teaching is usually a series and verse by verse exposition of the Scriptures. There are some topical sermons too. Much of these messages will be applied to us as a congregation and to the current situation in the world today.

Please pray about visiting us this Sunday!
Thank you and may God Bless You!

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