Our Story

Pastor John shares how it all started...

While I was serving at a local church as one of the founding pastors, God began to stir my heart to start another ministry in Nelson County. I did not know if it was going to be a hands-on ministry or another church plant. So, I stepped down as pastor and elder to begin seeking the Holy Spirit’s leading. One Saturday morning after several weeks of reading, studying, praying, and listening, He showed me the warehouse at Advancing Native Missions!  ANM was not using the warehouse to ship containers anymore, and there were no real plans for the future of the space. The location is very good with plenty of parking, which is in short supply in Nelson. The ANM office is a great complex, and the warehouse is 7500 square feet - large enough for a church. I also realized this would let us support the work of ANM and give more exposure for their ministry. As I had run the warehouse for almost 12 years, it felt like an opportunity to go back to my "roots" here in Nelson County! That was pretty cool.
I met with the leadership of ANM to share my vision and a proposal.    The proposal was that I would completely clean out the warehouse including taking down all the racks and to raise money for heating and air and new bathrooms if they would agree to let us meet there as a church.   After further discussion they agreed to this.  We began praying for funds for the heat and air.  Shortly after that, a young man from Charlottesville who owns an HVAC business went on a mission’s trip with ANM.  On the trip, he told the ANM team leader he wanted to use his business to help ministries.  Wow!  So he came to ANM and gave us an estimate taking $8000 of labor costs off of the bill.  God still answers prayers!  We believe this is going to be an exciting opportunity for both ministries to work together to build the kingdom.

In the meantime...

We are meeting in the conference room of Advancing Native Missions which is a very nice facility.  It is already set up with excellent AV equipment.  There is also enough space for 125 to attend.  (not during the COVID restrictions)   During this time of COVID we are meeting at 10:00 AM with Zoom capabilities for those who don’t want to meet in person.  We are using  music videos currently for our worship and our prayer is for God to send us a worship leader and team.   If you are interested in coming, face masks are required.
Pastor John

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 10 am