Trust in the Lord God Before Whom You Stand

1st Kings Chapter 17

Yes, Elijah was a prophet of the Lord God, but the Lord still tested his obedience and faith in the midst of a drought and famine. Luke 4:23-30. The Lord sent him to Ahab, the brook Cherith, and to the widow in Zarephath. Each step required faith and obedience to the word of the Lord. The Lord God was true to His word and supplied the prophet's needs.

When we are obedient to what the Lord calls us to, it always affects others. The poor widow and her son were in a desperate situation, yet Elijah asked the poor widow to give him literally everything she had, water and food in the drought and famine, and her only son when he had died. He was even living in her home. Speaking through Elijah the Lord tested her, but through her giving first to the Lord, He did great miracles and provided for all of her needs too. As a result, this gentile widow became a believer in the Lord God of Israel.

Are you in a spiritual drought and famine in your life right now? Call upon the Lord God before whom you stand! He will hear you. Then in faith be obedient to the word of the Lord no matter what He asks you to give Him. The streams from heaven will never run dry and manna from heaven will never run out. He will supply your needs and this will affect others around you for the Lord and His Kingdom.

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