Jesus in the Wilderness

MATTHEW 4:1-11

Here is another wilderness experience in the Bible. It is quite different with it being Jesus as He can be described as the wilderness experience. He was called out of Egypt, He is the Passover Lamb, He is the sacrifice for sins, He is the Light in the darkness, The Rock, Living Water, Manna from Heaven, the snake on the pole, High priest, Prophet like Moses, the Word of God.

The Holy Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil himself. The chief baal. The very one who was behind all the idols that the children of Israel followed. Jesus was tested to prove that He was sinless and worthy to be a sacrifice for mankind. Forty days and forty nights in the desert alone gave Him much time to think about history from Adam to the wilderness experience of His people. They had failed their tests. Jesus must pass the test or there would be no cross and redemption for the world! 

The tempter came at His weakest time. He will do that to us too. He tempted Jesus three times. Turn the rock into bread, cast Yourself off the temple and God will protect you, worship me and I will give you all the kingdoms and their glory. In His responses notice that Jesus did not say He was the Son of God or He was God Himself. He just quoted scriptures. The Word of God is powerful! He rebuked the devil and he left Him. Then angels came and ministered to Him. 

Jesus passed the test! He went through His wilderness experience. Now Jesus was ready to do the mission that God and the Holy Spirit were leading Him to do. He can proclaim and teach the Gospel and defeat the powers of darkness. 

                                                    THINGS TO CONSIDER

Has the Holy Spirit led you into a wilderness experience? He will not lead you to a comfort zone. It is to sharpen you for the plan He has for you to do here on earth. 

Is the devil tempting you to turn from trusting God and to do things your way? 

Look to the example of our Lord and Savior Jesus and the Word of God to help you in your time of trial and temptation. You can pass the test too! 

If you are in a wilderness of your own making, and you have never trusted Jesus as Savior and Lord, Trust Him Today! He will be there with you to help you through it. You will be stronger for it! You can pass this test with Jesus at your side.

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