The Bonds of Motherhood

There is nothing on earth like the bonds of a mother that loves her child and that child. The bonds between them are very special and unique. A true mother will do anything for her children to protect them or save them from harm. She will be greatly burdened by her children when they are hurting or have gone astray. She never gives up on them! She hurts with them in a heartfelt way.

Scientists and doctors are finding the mother-child bonding is a very complex thing that affects each of them physically, mentally, and emotionally. A close connection may prevent disease, boost immunity, and even enhance IQ. Do some research. It is quite amazing what is being discovered in this area. We shouldn't be surprised at how God created these bonds to be so important, complex, and good for both the mother and the child. God is holistic towards His creation. He does care for our well-being.

So as we look at these Scriptures, let's remember these intense personal bonds that are created between a mother and her child. The Father does compare Himself and His love to a mother's love. He also compares His anger to a mother's birth pains. Isaiah 42:14-16, 49:14-15, 66:7-13. Matthew 23:37. We will also see God's sovereignty at work as He responds to a mother's love for her child.

Hannah. 1st Samuel 1:11,27,28. Think about these bonds we just discussed. She wanted a child so badly, but she made a vow to give her son to the Lord all the days of his life. The Lord answered her cries and gave her a son. After he was weaned she gave him to the Lord. What a great sacrifice by Hannah! Samuel became a great man of God and led his people his whole life. God in His sovereignty opened Hannah's womb and answered her prayers.

The Shunammite woman. 2nd Kings 4:18-24. The son she had bonded with died. She never gave up and acted quickly and went to the man of God. Verses 36,37. In God's sovereignty, the child was brought back to life. Her faith was rewarded!

The Gentile woman. Matthew 15:22-28. Her daughter was demon-possessed. These bonds were broken by evil. She cried out for mercy to Jesus, Lord, Son of David. She humbled herself for her child and said Lord help me! In Jesus's reply, the dogs here refer to pets just like today who sit under the table waiting for scraps or crumbs of food. Jesus was called to witness to Israel, not the Gentiles. I believe He was testing her faith here as she did call Him Lord. She greatly humbled herself for the sake of her daughter because of those bonds of love between them. She went to God. God's sovereignty produced a miracle outside of His plan to just go to the Jews first. Amazing! The Lord changed His plans for the cries of a mother for her child.

Mothers, you have pull and favor with God when you call on Him on behalf of your children. Your love for your child is very special to Him! He does respond to those cries from the heart. Do you have a child that is in danger or has gone astray? Do not give up! Go to God. Have faith and humble yourself and see what He in His sovereignty will do.

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Leslie Benz - November 7th, 2021 at 8:06am

I loved reading here about Hannah, amazing story and so noble! I've prayed after reading this for God to use my son & to break the evil hold on him and cure him to use his life for good in His kingdom.