Are You Living by Faith or by Fear?


For three and a half years Elijah experienced amazing miracles of God in his life. He had been very zealous for the Lord. Calling down fire from heaven and destroying 450 prophets of baal was the pinnacle of his faith and obedience to the Lord.

This should have produced a spiritual awakening in Israel, but it didn't. This must have been very hard to take and very discouraging. What more could he do? I believe he was mentally, emotionally, and physically drained. Confronting the baals is hard!

Jezebel's threat on his life pushed him over the edge. Without a word from the Lord, he ran in fear for his life 100 miles to Beersheba and then went another day's journey into the wilderness. He told the Lord that he wanted to die. Elijah was in a very bad place. How did the Lord respond? He gave him food, water, and rest in the wilderness.

He arose and went 250 more miles to Horeb the mountain of God. This is where Moses encountered God many years ago. Elijah told the Lord how zealous he had been for Him. The Lord said, " Go forth!" So God showed Elijah His power in the strong wind, earthquake, and fire, but He spoke to him in the gentle blowing of the breeze.

The Lord has great power and might, but He is a personal God who speaks to us in our times of troubles and when we are before Him in our quiet times. His ever so personal love for us is what changes our hearts and lives!

Again Elijah told the Lord how zealous he had been for Him. And again the Lord said, "Go!" Go back to Damascus (700 miles) and anoint two kings and Elisha a prophet. This should be a very great encouragement to all of us! Elijah ran from where the Lord had called him to minister. He was in the wilderness, burned out and wanting to die. He had given up! But in his wilderness, the Lord met and fed him and strengthened him.

Elijah still had authority and anointing for kings and a prophet! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Are you mentally, emotionally, and physically drained? Have you run for your life and wanted to die? Have you given up on this life and the Lord? He has not and will not ever give up on you if you turn to Him in your wilderness. He can still use you in this distressing world in which we live. You still have His anointing if you want to use it. Is God good? Yes, He is!

                                                 THINGS TO CONSIDER

Are you fearful in these days of chaos, confusion, and deception?

Are you so tired and emotionally and physically drained?

Have you wanted to give up and quit living this life of faith?

In faith, focus on the Lord, not the chaos and the enemy.

Let the Lord and the Holy Spirit refresh and encourage you!

Don't give up! The Lord can still use you and He still has a plan for your life. He wants us all to finish strong!

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