Confronting the Baals

  1st KINGS 18:17-46

Amazingly Ahab blames Elijah for the problems that Israel is facing during his reign. There has been a drought for three and a half years. Yet this is what the Lord told Moses would happen if His people turned from God to worship false gods. Deuteronomy 28:23. The blame game is still alive and well today too. Elijah sets him straight and puts the blame squarely on him. At great risk to himself, he then tells Ahab to bring the people and the prophets of Baal and the Asherahs to Mount Carmel to see who's God can send fire from Heaven. Quite a challenge. What a step of faith!

The prophets of Baal prepared an offering and cried to their god till noon. Elijah mocked them and their god with great insults. Then they cut themselves and raved till the time of the evening offering. There was no voice, no one answered, and no one paid attention. Baal was silent. Elijah prepared an altar before the people for the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel. They soaked it with water and Elijah prayed a great prayer to the Lord God. "I am Thy servant and I have done all these things at Thy word." He so wanted their hearts to turn back to the Lord. "Answer me O Lord, answer me he cried." Do we emphatically pray like this? Do we do things at His word?

The Lord answered the prophet's cries and fire from Heaven consumed the offering and the altar. Awesome! Baal was defeated and the false prophets were destroyed. But there was still one more thing to pray for. While the pagan king ate and drank, the prophet prayed again and there was a heavy shower. Evil was defeated and then the drought was over. In an amazing show of humility and respect for the king, Elijah ran before the king's chariot back to Jezreel. Jezebel and the prophets of asherah were in Jezreel. They were her prophets and she did not send them to Mount Carmel. Elijah was back in the enemy's territory! Next week we will see what happens to Elijah.

                                                 THINGS TO CONSIDER

Is the Holy Spirit speaking to you about the baals and asherahs in our world today?

Are you challenging them by your faith and obedience like Elijah?

Do you emphatically call upon the name of the Lord in tests and trials?

Are you believing Him for miracles today?

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